Full Sense™ Bariatric Device

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The Full Sense™ Device is a temporary and reversible bariatric device, deployed and removed via endoscopy inducing long lasting satiety in a patient.  It incorporates an esophageal component and a gastric disk connected by a support or strut (see picture at right).  Full Sense™ Device is unique as it is designed to induce satiety and fullness in the absence of food by placing pressure on the distal esophagus and cardia of the stomach.  The present invention utilizes a new principle of implied continuous satiation.  Satiety created by the Full Sense™ Device does not interfere with other body functions, such as operation of normal reflux mechanism, bile ducts, taking of medications, and the like. Unlike gastric banding and gastric bypass which require the presence of food in the stomach to cause satiety (resulting in intermittent or incomplete satiety), the Full Sense™ Device induces continuous satiety without the need for food to be present in the stomach or without the need for major surgery. 

The Full Sense™ Device is not approved for sale in the United States, the European Union or elsewhere. - Homepage
 Rev 2014.03.04
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